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A Lot Can Happen in A Year!

So, with yet anotherHawthornin the near future, I remembered that I hadn’t given this blog any attention in about a year. A lot happened. And as usual, I just like to note that 140 miles at a time is about a lot of things with running smacked right in thereIt’s about being well-rounded and balanced to become a better athlete. So here goes!… Schoolin’ First and foremost, the journey to my engineering degree continues. I’m wrapping up spring semester now. I need a t-shirt that says “I survived Calculus!” because that stuff ain’t easy after a 10+ year break from it! Either way, the grades are good and it’s all getting easier and much more routine. I like to review everything after each semester too. I don’t just want to learn everything for the grade. I really want a strong grasp on the subject matter so I’m more confident. A little second round on it all seems to be the trick with me. And hey, there’s still a brain up there! Who knew!? My last bit of Calc in all its brain-busting glory M…